Monday, January 21, 2013

A little library enhancement

Past couple of weeks, I've been reading more Ravelry posts which turns out it can be dangerous to the size of one's library. So far, I have purchased Cookie A's book Knit. Sock. Love., pattern for The Princess Bride KAL (that's knit along for you muggles), and some great deals at Half-Price Books.

At Half-Price found:

  1. Basic Rug Hooking- which looks to be a great rug hooking reference book and may need to go back and pick up one for my Mom. 
  2. Punchneedle: The Complete Guide - again a great reference book for if and when I start punching again (does it count for again if I haven't completed a project?)
  3. Stich Collection: Filet Crochet - I've done some filet in the past but thought this was a great source for knitting stitch ideas (dual purpose so more economical, right?).
  4. Socks a la Carte 2: Toes Up! - Toes up are hands down my favorite way of doing sock, no Kitchner stitch!

In knitting news, my entrelac project for the Mystery 220 KAL is progressing nicely and I'm all set for the last clue today.  I'm thinking it's a skating hat, what do you think? If this is what it turns out to be, a pair of mittens would be a great way to use up the remaining yarn, just not certain if I will make entrelac mittens. After a quick search on Ravelry found the following mittens which makes me think I really need to rethink my reluctance for a pair of entrelac mittens but only if I can figure out resizing from fingering to worsted (which I used for the KAL.

My goal for today is to wind yarn and cast on the Monkey socks from Cookie A book, finish fingerless Hobo mitt (just needed thumb on 2nd mitt), get Jason's hat started and do a little felting. 

Best get cracking on these things but leaving you, have two more pictures of something I acquired in December which I think everyone should have in their knitting bag. 
Everyone needs a rubber duck in their knitting bag?
Nope, they need a tape measure silly!

Oops missed a week...

Last weekend went to Chicago with my Mom and Walker and James (2/3 of "The Boys") to see the Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit (thanks Laurel for pointing this out to me!).
Next phone needs a flash with the camera

There was a lovely hat in the gift shop that my Mom modeled.

Nice vest!
After the Museum, we meet up with the rest of our group, who went to the Lego store, for lunch at Webber Grill in Schaumberg.  This group consisted of Jason (remaining 1/3 of "The Boys") and friends of The Boys', Liz & Jay.  Webber Grill has the iconic grill all over in their decorations - something to check out.

The whole reason for going to Schaumberg was to go to The Container Store and IKEA (Walker was on a mission). At The Container Store, I found this great bag.

Which I thought would be great for weekend trips but as soon as everyone else saw it, their first thought was, Becky's getting a new knitting bag.  Reality is that most likely the majority of the time it will be a knitting bag for several projects or larger projects.  Have a few afghans that have been languishing for cough, cough, a while.  To give you an idea how big is...
Rosie can comfortably fit in the bag, but doesn't like being in it
After the container store, it was on to IKEA.  I picked up a few things for my bedroom. Unfortunately bought the wrong size bed skirt so we will have to go back to IKEA so I can get the correct bed skirt, when are we going???

Oh yes, where is the knitting content of this post? Well I worked on my Dad's Packer hat while in the car and at the restaurant on the Chicago trip.  Also worked on the hat the next day while watching Lincoln (was my second time seeing the movie and didn't mess up the ribbing too much in the dark).  I finished it this weekend and gave to my Dad yesterday.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Look! It's only been a week and I posted again!!

Think the major thing that I accomplished this week is that I made it to The Cat and Crow this week.  I had made it there only for quick stops since the opening ceremonies for the Olympics so it was very nice to stay and knit.   While I was at The Cat and Crow, I figured out what was stumping me for the bind-off on the left Pine Tree Mitten and all that remains for this mitten is picking up the stitches for the thumb.  Will get that done this week and want to get the right mitten cast on before next Sunday.  The Pine Tree is a double knit and thought it would be nice to show you the two different sides of the mitten.

The other project I worked on at The Cat & Crow was my top down swing sweater that hadn't been worked on since early summer.  Took me a bit but I eventually figured out where I was on my top down swing sweater and hope to finish the body this week as.

I was very happy to have completed the blue cable hat that a friend from work commissioned.  Hopefully it will fit the intended recipient as the sample hat has been stretched out from numerous people trying it on.
Once the hat was finished, my reward was to cast on Clue #1 of Mystery 220 January KAL.  Had a few mis-starts on this project but think I have it now and can't wait for Clue #2 to come out tomorrow.

Think it was last year that I made the below hat for my Dad which was way too large for him. The ribbing is rather loose and the remainder of the hat is stockinette which doesn't really suite how my Dad likes to wear his knit caps.  

I cast on a new hat for him but I wasn't liking the needles that I was using as they were too short and a size too large.  So yesterday while running errands with my brother, I bought size 4 needles that were a bit longer and recast the hat (below).  As you can see, I'm getting a totally different look for the second hat than before.   Hopefully I will be able to maintain this as I use up the small balls of the yarn left from hat #1.  I'm certain that hat #1 is going to be frogged but I'm reluctant to do until I know for certain that I need to.

Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!!

Work has been kicking my posterior/taking over my home life of late but I am finally taking back my personal life!  To kick off 2013 and reclaiming my home life, which for me has a huge component of knitting, I have the following goals/inspirations:

  1. Actively participate in several Ravelry Groups.  Specific groups are Stash Knit Down (Personal Sock Club 2013, Sigma 13, Stash Diva Dash 2013); Mystery 220; 90% Knitting.
  2. Watch/listen to podcasts/books while knitting.
  3. Need to live up to the notation in my medical chart that I'm an avid knitter.  Discovered this notation when I saw a nutritionist (who is also a knitter) in August/September because I was having difficulty eating regularly which was causing havoc with my diabetes.
  4. Go for walks at least 3 times per week. 
  5. Post to blog 4 times per month.
  6. Reserve Sunday as my personal pamper and reading blogs/blogging day.
Yarns I will use for Diva Dash
This may seem like a lot of knitting for someone who has been KO'd by work but I'm hoping that between the Stash Diva Dash and Sigma 13 there will be plenty of crossover and the non-knitting items are necessary for general health and sanity.

See you next year!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Work is interrupting my knitting, sigh

Remember my last post how I wanted to do a couple of posts before the Olympics started?  Well work has been crazy.  I've been covering the clinical schedule for the Division, the other administrative assistants have picked up more faculty they are working for, our new Division chief started creating more work, and we are in the process of hiring 3 more assistants.  This has put a major dent in my knitting mojo and energy in general.  If I had done posts, they would have been something like this.

Post #1

For my Olympic warm up, thought I'd work on the right hand fingerless mitt (for the second time).  At first, I believed the mitt had been stretched out when different people tried it on.  But after counting the ribbing at the top, realized yup too many stitches were cast on.
 Ripped the mitt out at Concerts on the Square and started over (this time with the correct number of stitches)
Not sure exactly how long I worked on this but as you can see the mock cable is very pretty (if I do say so myself).
Alas, I did not finish it before the start of the Olympics but did get up to increasing for the thumb.

Post #2 (would have posted July 27, 2012)

As I mentioned before, work has been crazy.  Today I was supposed to be off but thought it may be to my best interest to come in for candidate interviews.  For those wanting the short story, is that for a day "off" it sucked!  Lets just say I learned a lot that day and the first is that its alright to say "No".  

Come on everyone, repeat after me No, Nope, Nadda, Nein, No Way Jose!  

Now for those of you who would like to hear the long story, here it is (short story people scroll quickly til you see a picture of a TV with a troll.

The plan was to have a haircut/pedicure and then go to The Cat and Crow in Mt. Horeb for the live broadcast of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  

Since before this I couldn't say no, I scheduled an interview in the afternoon for the scheduler position as the physician this person needed to interview with was on vacation for the next two weeks.  He was available late in the afternoon so I thought no problem, I just won't stay for the entire ceremony.  Then this is where I goofed up, candidate for a different position was available in the morning so I did some mental calculations and thought (obviously didn't think hard enough, give me another No! cause you know what I did).  Yup went ahead and scheduled the second interview for the morning and rescheduled my haircut/pedi for a little later in the morning.  

While waiting for the morning candidate to arrive, received a text and the haircut/pedi were canceled. Ok, that's no problem, just means that I'll have more time in Mt. Horeb and can beat the crowd for a seat, right?  Finished the interview and headed over to Mt. Horeb.  Grabbed some lunch at Sjolinds (chocolate shop that also has coffee, soups/salads, and pastries) to take back to eat at The Cat and Crow.  

One o'clock came and Mo and Rebecca were still doing things around the shop and no-one was really there to watch the opening ceremonies.  Come to find out the start of the ceremony was pushed back two hours because it wouldn't be dark enough for the fireworks.  Huh? Didn't the folks over in Britain know when it gets dark?

Me and another lady had some the cake that Rebecca and Mo had bought for the party and people were starting to come in when I had to pack it up and head back for the second interview.  The second interview ran long and I didn't get home until about 6:30 pm, just in time to cook up some spaghetti, thaw out some sauce I had frozen and watch the record opening ceremonies with the majority of Americans in the comfort of our homes (and yes, thank you for asking, I did start working on my Ravellenic project).
The Cat and Crows Ravellenics Mascot

Post #3 (Today's actual post)

Don't have much to report as the only knitting that happened was last Friday and Saturday.  As you can see, have 13 rows done and will need to kick butt this week if I want to finish 30 rows of chart let alone finish this afghan by the end of the Olympics.  Since I've spent time catching you up on posts and still haven't done any knitting this weekend will end with a picture of my progress.

Yes, Rosie I put the afghan on the floor for you to lay on
Unobstructed view of my progress

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ravellenic Games are coming, are you ready?

For those of you who are either not knitters (huh?) or are a knitter but have never signed up for Ravlery (this just boggles the mind), Ravellenic Games coincide with the 2012 Summer Olympics held in London July 27-August 12. The games used to have a jazzier name but, it was changed when it was brought to the attention of the USOC. For more info, google "yarn harlot" and read her June 21, 2012 post.

The quickest description of the Ravellenic Games is to challenge yourself by entering event(s), usually a new project, cast it on during/anytime after the opening ceremonies and complete the project before the closing ceremonies.  Each event has rules but that's it in a nutshell.  

Seeing as I have a plethora of WIPs (work in progress), I went diving in the UFO bin and choose this:

The afghan is about half-way done.  I'm now starting the whale and rows of red/white strips.  This will be challenging but I think I can get it done in 16 days. My goal during the games, is to post pictures every couple of days to show my progress.  

My goal before the games, is to to work on various projects every day and post pictures every couple of days (good practice for the actual event).  Until next time, take care and stay cool.  
This is how Rosie stays cool, hard to see but there is a fan in the corner.

Pictorial Catch Up

Well its been quite a while since my last post.  To catch you up on my knitting, here are a few pictures...

Had one mitt done for erm, hum a few years.  
These are nice but not what I was aiming for, below slippers
allow for a variety of different sized feet to wear them
Still have to knit I-cord (right slipper) and sew on button to left
Hopefully they will stay together
Yarn my brother bought for me to make a hat for him 
Really like how this turned out
Need to make more of these
Finally got the red hat to turn out
2nd of 4 Knit Purl Hunter KAL's 
Ends woven (finally) but still waiting to be blocked...

and last but not least
Not knitting but it holds knitting :)
These are for sale at The Cat and Crow, come visit!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Never Again!

Beginning of February Mom and I went on a day trip to pick up wreaths and poinsettias from family graves and the Pioneer Scarf went on the road trip.  I was certain, I would finish the current ball of yarn and couldn't find the fourth ball (just knew it was somewhere in the UFO bin but was unable to locate it).  I wanted a second project but had nothing that was started, small, and didn't require a lot of consultation with a pattern (translation thought).  Turns out that I didn't get as much done on the trip (isn't that they way it usually goes) and after Mom suggested I recount my joins, discovered that I was currently on the fourth and last ball of yarn.

Me scrambling around for a project to take with resulted in 30 minutes of trying to pull things together for a project that I ended up not liking (the yarn and pattern were incompatible).  I vowed never again would I be stuck without a project when I need to, to coin a phrase from Gigi of The Knitmore Girls,"Run screaming out of the house" .

Oops had to restart, things got a little twisted
That led to a major cast on spree that week which resulted in:

Penny Hat (Monday)

Haven't progressed any further than what you see on the left but its sitting patiently waiting for the time I need to running screaming out of the house

2nd Paw Tracks sock-minus the paw track (Tuesday)
 The Paw Track pattern is one that I first did while out on vacation to Badlands.  I liked the construction of this toe up pattern and started another pair using Regia but wanted to simplify and did a simple 2 x 2 rib for the cuff.  Had finished the first sock a while back and I thought casting on for toe up socks were  sooo complicated that never cast on the second sock.  Well, as I was determined to cast on projects and once you get over the cast on, socks are pretty easy, I thought what the heck.  Turns out I was wrong the cast on was easy and now I'm kicking myself for all the socks that could have been knit by now.  The second sock was finished yesterday, at a birthday party for one of the shop owners of The Cat and Crow who turned 60 today.

Knit Purl Hunter Repeat Performance sock KAL (Wednesday)
 Since I now know that casting on for toe up is a piece of cake and I have two Knit Purl Hunter knit-a-long projects that are socks, decided might as well cast on some more socks. Here is sock one and will cast on sock #2. Will work it to the same point so I can do two socks at same time (note to self, check and see if have a 40-inch circular). Doing this to avoid guessing how many rows did on the first sock; hmm wonder if that is why so many people have Second Sock Syndrome.  Know that some say its because boredom of doing the same thing again, but honestly isn't all knitting the same thing Knit or Purl?

Next up was a hat for my older brother who had bought this alpaca yarn when the local coffee house had a fiber sale.  Can you believe he went and I was out of town for something so totally missed it?!? I need to grab some double points and switch to them as things are getting a little tight on the needle.  The only regret I have about the hat is that I wish I would have done a few purl rows at the turn.  For Christmas, I really need to start one of his two projects.  Probably shortly after I started knitting he selected a vest and a cardigan that he would like to knit and then we went to The Sows Ear and selected the yarn.  Erica, this is the brother who can give an opinion on color combos and since he asks for me to knit things, I gladly do this for him.

Turn a Square Hat (Thursday)

Dang, should have done some purl rows!

Friday night I worked on the Paw Tracks socks while watching the Descendants at movie theater. This was a first for me but think it was only doable as it was simple knit in the round.

All in all a very productive week (my most productive thus far).  Clocked in 12.62 hours week of February 12th.  There may be something to casting on a lot of projects...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Current WIPs and FO

Couple of weeks ago, was at a standstill on the Top Down Swing Sweater until I could get an opinion from Rebecca about the fit of the sweater. As you can see, it was too big, would benefit from a short row in the back, and ruffles on the bottom (what's up with that?). Will take out to first increase, add a short row on the back, and knit straight down. Will see how that turns out.

Next on the consultation list was the Every Way Wrap. Diagnosis was that I should do two more repeats and it would then be ready for me to start the last repeat. I'm almost done with the first repeat and can't believe I'm heading into the homestretch on this wrap.

First (almost) finished object to report is the Triplicity shawlette which was the first project in the Knit-along project from Knit Purl Hunter. It just requires some ends to be woven in, blocking and then post picture of totally completed picture on Ravelry. Project isn't done till pictures are posted on Ravelry, right?

Next up in the FO report is the Pioneer Braid Scarf. This pattern just lend's itself beautifully to yarns that gradually shift in color.